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Theatre is an endless journey, those of us who are on it know that learning, developing, and growing is an ongoing process.

Yvonne A.K. Johnson is the founder and CEO of Johnson Theatrical Management, based in New York and New Jersey.

Yvonne grew up in Waukesha, WI, and always knew she wanted to pursue theatre as a career and went on to graduate with a Speech, Communications and Theatre degree. Yvonne’s family was very supportive of her dreams and helped her succeed in the Arts.

Yvonne feels that theatre is what she was born to do and feels the most at home while working in the Arts. Yvonne remembers her father saying, “Yvonne, you are good at a lot of things. Now it is time to pursue what you want to be great at.”

Yvonne A.K. Johnson has consistently directed and produced theatre in tandem with arts education. She strongly believes that they go hand in hand as the future of the Arts is in our youth. Yvonne developed a summer theatre program for grades 1-12 that she ran for eight years at Carroll College in Waukesha, WI. Many of her students enjoyed her program so thoroughly, they returned for consecutive summers over and still contact Yvonne as they progress through their own Arts careers today.

Yvonne spent some time working at CLIMB Theatre, Inc., working with post graduates who were beginning their professional careers. This was a special experience as the work they produced was relevant, real and continues to make a difference. Yvonne also started an Academy program for grades K-12 in Spokane, WA, that grew from 100 participants to approximately 700 students a year. Yvonne’s programming is still going strong since 2006 when they started the Academy.

In the early stages of Yvonne’s theatre career, the first play that she did was called “Wheels” in 6th grade. Yvonne recalls this as her first ‘ah ha!’ moment as she realized the magic of theatre and thanks her Godmother, Pat, for introducing her to professional productions in Chicago. Her Godmother took her to Annie and Peter Pan starring Sandy Duncan and Yvonne still remembers both productions like it was yesterday. She fell in love with the vision of the entire production from the sets, lights, actors, music, direction and audience participation.

Passion is what drives Yvonne in the theatre and arts world. She loves people in the Arts and how passionate teachers within Arts Education are about what they do. The hardest aspect of working in the Arts is that rejection is a constant part of the career. Perseverance, networking and building relationships becomes a valuable skill as talent alone does not suffice.

Education in the Arts is important to Yvonne because she believes the children are our future in sustaining the Arts in general. It is important in the Arts to not only cultivate and grow future talent, but to take those skills and resources and to share them with everyone.

Yvonne hopes to reach her readers with this site as she shares blog posts about current news and trends in Theatre and Arts Education.

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