Why Theatre Still Matters Today

We live in a world where 5 different screens are calling for your attention at any given moment, and hours upon hours of flashy, gripping entertainment is only a click away. I think most of us will agree it is both a wonderful and a terrible thing. I still believe, however, that theatre has the ability to offer something unique and meaningful to every actor, director, avid fan, or hesitant person who wanders in off the street — something that TV and film cannot. All art forms have value, and the unique experience that is created in the interaction between a live actors and live audience is just as valuable today as it ever was.

This brief TED Talk is a very moving account of why one woman does theatre, and the deep and abiding role the live arts can play in our lives.
If you’re interested, you can also see my blog about the unique things that that live theatre offers today that movies, books, and TV still can’t.

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