An Act of God: Twitter-Based Comedy Not as Funny as We’d Like

A Broadway play inspired by a Twitter feed? I don’t believe it has ever happened before. In An Act of God, Producer David Javerbaum documents the musing of a Jude-Christian deity. The play, now showing at Studio 54, showcases TV star Jim Parsons as ‘God’.

Yvonne Ak Johnson Theater

The play, derive from a Twitter feed, needs a really good plot. To make it a comedy, you need an even better plot. Parsons takes his role in the best light possible and shows a quite endearing performance. The lighthearted jokes and site comments made my Parsons included “First there was Adam and Steve, not Eve,” and other one-liners as such.

I guess you could label the play as a “theological stand-up comedy”, however, the combination is quite off-putting and stale after awhile.

The bottom line is, the play might have worked better as a Tweet rather than a full-blown production.

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